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Test Play Issues

When in the Test Play mode from the deck builder the following needs to be fixed:

1. Using the CTRL + U to untap cards it only works for the user on the bottom, even if the top deck/player is the active one (based on where the stage/steps are)

2. When you add a token creature and try to hit CTRL + C to copy it the copies always appear on the battlefield under the bottom user's battlefield, even if you need them at the top.


  • 1) For opponent's side works Shift+Ctr+U
    But better way to untap cards - double click on untap step button at start your turn (and then double click on draw step button to draw a card)
    2) Shift+Ctrl+C works for opponents side

    All commands for opponent's side has Shift+ variation, for example Ctrl+Z - undo last bottom player's command, Ctrl+Shift+Z - undo last top player's command
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