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Thanks for this amazing software and working site.

edited August 2011
I am really grateful for your work and I am happy there is a simple alternative to building a deck in the Magic Workstation.

Anyway, i am seeding the torrent and waiting for it to download and try the images.


  • Well, I came to say that too. I test all my decks on-line before buy any card, and there are not good choices right now to do that. I really thank you the program and you must be so proud of the work you have made. Is awesome. I'll test it a little bit and ill try to help you saying results of that and I will tell everyone about playtable. Thank you again. Keep up the good work!
  • @mckidney
    Could be that the torrent won't start seeding, at least this was the case when I tried it a few weeks ago. But VPT works also well with the MWS (full) card images: just set up your image path (i.e. D:\Magic Workstation\Pics\Fulls) in the VPT options dialogue.
  • I also want to say thank you very much for this software; my friends and I are having a blast with it. I like it far more then when I used MWS, and I think it can only get better.

    I also want to say thank you for keeping it completely free for use. I hope that you aren't just keeping it free in the early stages and plan on putting a price on it later, because one of the main reasons I decided to use this is because it's free. I would, however, totally donate to this if you decide to open up a donation option.
  • Agreed, I would definitely make donations. And be willing to help out in any way I can to keep the program alive. Just keep us posted.
  • edited February 2012
    > I also want to say thank you for keeping it completely free for use.

    Unfortunatelly, no. I want earn some money from it. When finished it will be like MWS.
    Deck building and online play will be for free (the parts currently implemented).
    But multiplayer (more than 2 players), online draft, collection management, and some other features will be only in paid version. Also rules enforcement and AI in long plans.

  • May I suggest thinking about shifting the Draft feature in the free version? Of course balancing features among the two version is key, and I think that draft is one of those things were you need a large player base to make the best out of it, even for those who pay for that: if draft is usable only by those who have paid for it, there would be not much people, and those interested in draft games will opt for other (free) software rather than paying and getting few people to play with.

    Premium features, imho, should just be those affecting the "single player" experience. Collection management, for example, is the perfect example of a feature meant to be premium only.
  • Malhavoc, I'm planning make "create draft room for 8 players" will be premium, but "create draft room for 2/4 players" will be free, also "join draft room" will be free for anyone and any size room.
  • I would also like to thank you for your work and I think the free/premium model you have in mind is a good and solid one.
  • Ah, excellent! That seems smart :)
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