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Helpful Template Deck File for Download

edited May 2012
- - - - - AAA(wgbrba)(Nil-C00)Template-01.deck - - - - -

Note: While it is still free, 4Shared has changed there download permission authorizations
requiring an account to download files.
This file comes from my account and it is a safe file.
If you need to create an account, know that Ive had a 4sahred account for years,
and for as long as Ive had it, Ive never gotten SPAMMED by the account.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since for the moment VPT does not have this information available in the deck editor,
to save the time needed to looks things up or the effort of memorization,
I made this for myself and my friends.
I thought it may be useful to others as well, so I'm posting it here.

- Contents -
In the sideboard, listed as groups, the template deck has the following...
Block expansion / core set pairs,
A full list of banned and restricted cards for,
Modern, extended, block, vintage, legacy and classic game formats.
(Lists acquired directly from WotC web site.)

Also I figured Id explain my deck naming system.

AAA = Initials of the deck builder
wgbrba = White, Green etc... if its CAP cards of that color are used in the deck, if its low, there are none.
Nil = Block set abbreviation
C00 = Core set
Template = Deck name
00 = Deck version

Hope this is found useful by some. :)

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