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VPT Easy Install BNG Update FULL/LITE (04 Feb 14)

edited February 2014

- Born of the Gods database updated**;
- Born of the Gods tokens added;
- Born of the Gods, Theros, Dragon's Maze and M14 rarity emblems added;
- Theros, M14 and Modern Masters image tokens updates in High Resolution;
- Preconstructed Decks updated into THS Intro Decks*;
- Oracle text updated into M14 rules changes*;
- M10, M11, M12 and M13 rarity emblems size fixed;
- Breaking|Entering mana cost/color fixed;
- Card Images in HD of Return to Ravnica Block and M14 included;
- Card Images (not HD) of Theros Block added (including Born of the Gods);

Download Link: Install Update/VPT BNG Update FULL.exe

*Thanks to Spheniscine!
**Thanks to Daichi!


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