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Card Collection Management

edited July 2011
Please post your suggestions about Collection feature.

I think implement next fields for each card added into collection:
"Qty" - how many cards you have
"Buy" - how many cards you want to buy
"Sell" - how many cards you have to sell
"Note" - note about this card
Optional "Buy Price", "Sell Price"

Collection will be saved in xml format.


  • I'm not a collector myself, but I could guess some useful things..

    Cards may have different conditions. The PSA scale is the most used grading system. You can find something about it here:

    A problem I see is that such informations are not easily stored in a base where you want each record to represent a single "card" (for example: the Forest from 11th edition), because you could for example say that you have 6 of them, 2 of them for sale, and you are looking for 4 more; but you can't easily describe the condition of each of them.

    On the other hand, having a single row for each "card - condition" couple may seem overkill. Still, card condition is an important issue for collectors.

    A solution may be to use just a subset of the scale, such as MINT/EX/GOOD/POOR and use a column for each of them, so that you can specify how many of those you have or are for sale. I don't like this solution too much, but still I think that card condition would be very useful to have in some way.
  • Ok, I will add "condition" too.
    I will think how to represent it better on screen.
  • edited July 2011
    Sounds great :) Buy price and sell price are strongly recommended from me esp if they auto refresh and BTW may I suggest something like to trade/to sell condition ? And to make deck with or something like that :) Dunno if the idea is good, just throwing some thoughts :)

    p.s.: I am not much of a player so probably my comments are not much of a help :(

    p.s.: or TO buy or something like wishlist ?
  • edited July 2011
    > BTW may I suggest something like to trade/to sell condition ?

    I will add possibility to add multiple card rows with same card and you can set qty/buy/sell/condition for each row. It will be showed as tree widget with expandable rows.
  • Yeah! Tree - expandable rows seem like a very good trade off

    And btw, used cards could have an info telling in which deck i'm using them. That would be very useful to track them down, however it may be too boring to do by hand. And engine that do that automatically, just by looking at a deck file, would be awesome. I mean something like "Assign deck to card pool" -> "select deck file". This could also automatically compile the "want to buy" list. This doesn't seem an easy feature, but it would be damn useful!

    For example.. I have my card pool, i build my deck and select "assign deck to card pool": for each card I have and I want to play in that deck, it assigns it to the deck and sets the card as "used, not available for sale", and for each card missing in my pool but that I want to play, it sets them "to buy".

    An option to describe if I want to re-use cards from other decks or not may be needed.

    This would be very useful not only for collectors, but for players with a large card pool as well.
  • It would be very useful for dealers who had a mobile program (android / iPad) that synchronizes with this foundation of the VPT.
    In this way he easily know which cards still need or have available in stock (besides the price that this marketing).
  • I don't have Android/iPhone/iPad and don't know what mtg apps available on these devices. If anyone will write me about format I be able to write export/import routines.
  • I am agreeing with all previous comments.
    Nice start with this- definitely add a Used In Deck quantity field (either manually incremented or programmatically via "Assign a deck's cards list as Used cards in inventory", and the reverse to free up used cards back to available).

    Having a system of comparing decks marked as "linked to inventory qty" with the inventory file would be invaluable. (meaning, a deck marked as such will warn me if I try to add a card I do not own; also I can click on an inventory record and see which inventory-flagged deck(s) the card appears in.)
    Such a system, fully operational, to track a physical inventory with physical decks that are quantity-tracked against the available inventory pool, WOULD BE WORTH $$$. I never used MWS for my inventory because it did not handle basic database-query interoperability between deck and inventory. If I could use VPT for managing my gawd-awful large collection so I know what cards I have, make decks strictly out of that pool and know if the cards are already in a deck, I just might start playing again!

    Buy/sell pricing should be adjustable via a user setting to increase and decrease internet prices by a user-selected percentage. (ie. buy at price-3%, sell/trade at price+6%)
    That typically goes for magictraders prices as the value is usually quite lower than reality.

    About the phone app - all thats needed is an import feature in VPT that can take xml or txt files. On the basic side, the phone user just needs to record changes to his collection while in the field. This means creating a list of cardname: qty up or down (I bought something, sold something). This simple list would be imported to sync the edits to the inventory.
    The app itself could be very simple, it would be a glorified spreadsheet that would have a list of all magic card names + editions (for auto-complete), and would either make/edit deck files or make import lists for inventory management. The more complicated side is the full inventory in a spreadsheet that can be edited and sync'ed with VPT.
  • Oh, will there be support for creating new card records - not custom cards, but for misprints and foreign language stuff that we want to keep in inventory. (german drudge swamp and Summer Magic oddities come to mind)

    And.. ah.. a biggie..
    Det, can you get us a reasonably usable software by mid-September? I want a nice version of VPT on file before the comet gets here.. :-o
  • At first glance I don't know how to combine owned and used in same records

    As example you owned:
    2 Counterspell 6E (Mint)
    1 Counterspell 6E Foil (Mint)
    3 Counterspell 7E (Mint)
    1 Counterspell 7E (Poor)

    In your wishlist you have 1 Counterspell
    (must be way to add in wishlist both general card name or particular version of card)

    You use 4 Counterspell in first deck and 4 Counterspell in second deck (there are no information about card condition in deck file)

    What do you think about best way to show all these information on screen?

  • You mean that you don't know how to combine the cards in the deck with those you own? In this regard, I think the program, once asked for an association, should give the user a default one (for example picking best condition first, older versions first), for example:

    - 2 6E
    - 1 6E Foil
    - 1 7E Mint

    ..but giving the user the option to change that (for example: if there are more cards to choose from, you put a "+" symbol near the card with a pop up letting the user change the chosen card, picking from the inventory).

    Deck <-> Inventory associations shouldn't be on screen all the time, no need to put them in the default grid. You should just be able to open a specific interface to change or just view your previous choices.
  • How does one go about starting a collection? the collection button is greyed out =/

    also is this playable at the moment?
  • It is not implemented yet.
  • Oh i see. Thanks for the information. I am very interested in this. So far you have done a great job =)
  • Any timeframe for this functinality? By far the feature I am most interested in.

    When a working collection mgmt. solution is implemented, I am putting money down for this software.
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