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edited February 2012
Because english is not my native language, please help me with site content.
I prepared download page
Last week about 80 users downloaded vpt060setup.exe, but only about 40 users mtg060module.exe
May be I wrote not enough clearly that user should download and install both files for use it with MTG?


  • Language aside, people not so often read at all, and just run for the download link.. in this regard, I suggest a slightly adjustment: the "runtime" description next to the link should be more specific, something like "Core only: you also need game packs below to actually play"

    You could also think about setting up a javascript pop up to alert the user about the need to download a pack.

    Unfortunately, even through my job, I've realized that people hardly read instructions at all, especially when they are longer than a single row :)
  • edited February 2012
    I don't know how many packages there will be in the future, but I think that the majority of users want the MTG-package.
    Therefore, you could offer a "full MTG package"-download option at the top of the page. I agree that this would mean double size of web space, but many users don't want to start several downloads and stick the program together.

    But I personally would not do that - simply to keep the site clean and structured.
    Due to the many images there will never be a real one-click-full-package.
    Those who download only the program will recognize that something is missing.
  • In near future mtg package will be moved on other site ( with all mtg-related downloads, images, guides and screenshots. Same for other modules in future too. For legal reason I need to keep Virtual Playtable app and site with my own copyrights only.
  • I'd not mention the word "runtime", most people don't know what it means. I'd call it "Base application".

    Make a mention in some bright color (red for example) next to it saying "Choose atleast one module below. For the application to work, you need atleast one module installed."
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