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Tournament Sign Up - Sunday 2/19

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So, I'm trying to organize a tournament for Sunday. I would like at least 8 people but am willing to take more. I figure once we have a set number of participants, we can figure out times for matches based on what works for people. Maybe we can pair people by similar time zones? We can figure something out.

This would be a Standard tournament. Which means any cards from Magic 2012, Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Beseiged, New Phyrexia, Innistrad, and Dark Ascension would be fair game in deck creation. If you need more information you can ask in this thread.

Anyway...I have a tentative list of people I believe want to participate. If you would like to be added or removed from this list, just let me know.


I would like to have an idea of the participants by the end of Saturday 2/18. So let me know if you're interested at all, even if you're not sure.

I can also be contacted via email:

Let's make this happen people!


  • Sounds cool. I should be available almost anytime on Sunday, just got to work on putting together a standard deck.
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    I'm in UTC+8. You may contact me on Skype (spheniscine)
  • Here is the list of participants with Time Zones included. Please don't hesitate to join people!

    Spheniscine (UTC +8)
    Sanguinus (UTC +1)
    JNSiQwa (UTC -4)
    Casion (UTC -5)

    We only need 3 more to hit the goal of 8. But we could even figure out a tournament with only 6 participants. Remember, we have until the end of tomorrow. Sign on up people!
  • Bonesaw (Central Time)
  • Also, you may contact me on Skype (jasons889)
  • SO today is the last day for people to sign up.I'm asking if current participants can try and recruit a couple people in game? Send them over to these forums and tell them to sign up for the tourney!

    I know I'll be doing that with everyone I play with today.
  • By the way, just to be clear, is sideboarding allowed? Sideboarding is more "realistic", but currently one has to disconnect in order to sideboard.
  • Hard to say, it's impossible to regulate really. But it's hard to do without it. I say it will be allowed, your side board will just have to be disclosed before the match as would your deck.
  • What's the advantage of sideboarding? Because you don't know the deck you'll play against - or is it 2 out of 3 or something?
  • So, how will this work? I'm afraid I've never participated in an online tournament before. What will be the method for learning our matchups and when we should be online? Do we just agree to certain times in this thread?
  • I will set up the times and stuff and post all necessary information in this thread. We still need at least one more person to sign up.


    A normal match of Magic is the first person to win two games, or best two out of it's called. So sideboarding occurs after the first game and after the second game (if a second game is necessary. You use a sideboard to protect yourself from certain strategies. Like having Naturalize in you sideboard to combat against artifact decks, or spiders to combat against a deck with fliers. Those kind of things. You can only have 4 copies of a card total in your deck, and the same applies to your side board.
  • Looks like I may have found a 6th member for this tournament but regardless I'm going to post the matchups now. Let me know what times work for you, so we can figure this out and get these games scheduled for tomorrow, or whenever. Now that the matchups are posted, lets just get these games going whenever we can make it happen. Here we are.

    Spheniscine vs. Sanguinus

    Bonesaw vs. JNSiQwa

    Casion vs. ???

    I will be filling this slot with a player soon. But I figured I'd give you guys the solid matchups. So chat it up in here and figure out when you guys can make this happen.

    The deck has to be standard, if you have any questions on this you can ask. It would also be nice if you could email me your deck files so I can verify them, and they should be emailed to your opponents as well. It would be a good idea if we could get emails going actually. But yea, email deck files....and the games are going to be first to two wins! Sideboarding is allowed, a 5 minutes disconnect period is allowed to switch things up.

    Any more questions, lemme know.
  • If you guys need another player, I'd be up for up and I have a friend who might be too. We're both in Perth, which I think is UTC+8.
  • @bonesaw, I sent you a PM about coordination.

    To everyone else in the tournament, good luck! May your mana bonds always be true and your castings rarely be countered.
  • We do need another player, but really only one more if you want to fill the spot. If Imp wants to join we will just have him matchup against Spheniscine, because they are in the same time zone.

    So the new matchups would look like this.

    Spheniscine vs Imp

    Bonesawvs vs JNSiQwa

    Casion vs Sanguinus

    Remember people, get those deck lists to my email. SWANTON2095@GMAIL.COM and contact your opponent and figure out a match time. Post the results in here.

    And @Sanguinus I can play whenever you are free tomorrow. Shoot a post in here and let me know when works for you. Gimme and email so I can shoot you the deck list I'm using.

  • @Imp: I'm probably free after 7:30 PM today.
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    I am available, just adding some sideboard cards.
  • @casion
    Sorry, I won't be no longer available today.
  • Round 1: Bonesaw 20 JNSiQwa 0 Bonesaw wins!
  • Round 2: Bonesaw 20 JNSiQwa 0 Bonesaw wins!
  • Alright, so Bonesaw moves on from the first round. We will configure the matchups when we know the rest of the results. Thanks for participating JNS!

    Let's see some more results. Sanguinus! Just let me know via email when youre available again.
  • Also, Imp. I need you to submit your deck if you could. Thanks brotha.
  • Congrats to you, Bonesaw. And thanks again for helping organize it all, Casion.
  • Of course, it's fun
  • @Imp: I'll be available most of today. Let me know what time is suitable.
  • Are JNSiQwa and I the only people who had our matches? Also, when we get into the next round, I will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the most part. If necessary, I can try to find some time during Tuesday or Thursday, but it isn't likely.
  • Yea, you guys are. I knew that there were gunna be some unreliable people. If IMP doesn't make contact by the end of the day we'll DQ him and Sphen will move on, and I'm trying to figure something out with snaguinus...but it seems impossible to fit into his schedule. We will have all of this resolved by the end of the day way or another.
  • Worst case scenario, me and Sphen will face off this evening if we can't come to a resolution with our partners. How does that sound Sphen?

    Imp doesn't really look promising, considering I still don't even have his deck list.
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    Since I haven't played any games yet, may I make some changes to the deck (mainly the sideboard)?
  • Sure thing, just shoot me the updated deck list.
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