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ETA on Theros Beyond Death?

I believe the set officially released on Friday. Detonator, you still around and preparing the update?


  • Man, I hope he is, I want to see those saga cards!
  • I understand Detonator is busy with work and stuff but I think this delay is a lack of respect toward those who purchase the software. Just give us a way to update the database by our own so he will not have to deal with this every fucking time a new set comes out.
  • Yeah he mentioned he was working on a way for us to manually update the DB ourselves...hopefully he has the motivation to actually come out with it.
  • I know but if it takes so long for each fuckin new set, I don't have so much hope for that tool...
  • edited March 15
    I seriously wish Detonator would get his shit in gear...Cockatrice updates constantly, but the playing field is complete trash and is vastly inferior to VPT. And I get so tired of constantly converting my decks back and forth just so I can keep up with the sets until VPT FINALLY gets around to updating.

    We seem to play this freaking game every time a new set comes out...bitch about VPT not getting updated and the seeming disappearance of Detonator until a few months down the road when he finally decides to show up and drop an update.
  • I feel exactly the same and I do the same. The difference is that we PAID for this, while cockatrice is totally free and constantly updated with a lot of players. This is shameful, really.
  • Has anyone got any skills with .xml files? we may be able to do it ourselves.
  • I mean, the .xml files are just full of plain text, it could be edited manually, but man, that is a LOT of work. I assume Detonator has some sort of tool that he uses to build them.

    I really think that VPT needs to be overhauled to pull info like Cockatrice does. It would go a long way in satisfying the PAYING customers here.
  • there was a user a while back who made a tool for it, but for the life of me i cant work it out, he was last active 5 years ago :( his github however, is still available.
  • Looking at the source code, I've found one problem. The code looks at "", which now redirects to Scryfall. I'm going to grab this code and edit it, see if I can fix it.
  • Well, that wasn't enough to fix it. I'll post my changes and hope someone else has the motivation to update the website parsing portion.
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