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Organized Events?

edited February 2012
Would anyone be interested in organized tournaments of any sort? I don't think we could go as far as a league just yet, but I wouldn't mind organizing tournaments if we had enough willing participants (and someone could help me out a bit).

I'm not saying that VPT would have to supports this or anything. It could all be organized outside of the actual program, we would just have to somewhat rely on the honor system in regards to match outcomes. But I really would like to set something up like this if I can generate enough interest.


  • How should that work?
    I mean, if not playing with preconstructed decks for sure, everybody could craft his or her virtual dream deck containing every good (legal) card wizards has done yet because of no higher regulation system.

    How does a "honor system" work?
    You only chose virtual cards you own in reality?
    As an example, I only own cards prior to the 8th edition. How can I fit in any kind of tournament without rules like let's say "up to 7th Edition only"?
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    Several options:
    1) Everyone having a "virtual dream deck" and duking it out could still be a worthwhile experience. There is still the deckbuilding and the playing part, after all. (though I suppose plenty of people would just netdeck with this option. I probably would too, since I'm quite new to the game myself). The card pool will be limited according to the format (Standard, Extended, Modern, Legacy, Vintage).

    2) Virtual sealed decks are available (when creating a new deck, just switch to the "sealed" tab and pick the block you want). Last I checked booster drafts still aren't implemented yet for VPT (you only get an error message and program abort if you try).

    3) One could impose rarity limits. "Pauper" (only commons) is a popular format in real life. Or perhaps you could have a limit of 7 rares (pseudo-event deck).
  • We might be able to incorporate programs such as Skype, Facebook Videochat, or Facetime into these so that we can actually have matches and see what the other person is doing.
  • All brilliant ideas, but honor system I mean that people would have to be honest with each other. God forbid we ask that aye?

    I mean, I don't see it being all that hard to follow a guideline set up for an event. If we say it's standard, hopefully we can have every body build decks within these boundaries. Or we can do modern...whatever we would like. I know there is no virtual higher power regulating this exactly, but we could root out the jerks.

    They could be reported if seen using illegal cards or more than a four set or something of that nature; and then subsequently banned form our organized events as a consequence.

    I also like the Skype idea, but understand we couldn't exactly require that for people to participate. I wouldn't want to exclude anyone just because they don't feel comfortable with web chatting.

    Anyways, it seem like there is some sort of interest in this. Can I get a count of how many people would for sure participate in a tournament if one was set up? Considering it was being held on a date you were available.

    Even if we could get like....eight people. I'd still be down to set it up.
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    I'd be willing to try this tournament idea if I'm available.

    As for format, I'd prefer either standard or sealed deck.
  • Aright, one down. And those are the types I'd like to play with. Although I feel like sealed would leave more room for people to cheat.
  • Oh forgot to mention: I also have Skype if that would help.
  • I would be open for a tournament. I am in college so timing would be an issue, but I can try to make it work. Considering my deck has cards ranging from the Prophecy set to Dark Ascension so I am not sure what deck type that falls into.
  • That would be Legacy. Standard refers to the two newest expansion blocks, together with any core sets released after/between them (currently it would be Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Besieged, New Phyrexia, Magic 2012, Innistrad, Dark Ascension).
  • Ahh... so standard would be a problem for me. Although I feel like sealed would be fun.
  • We could just agree to use any Standard-legal deck, without the requirement that we actually own the cards.
  • Yea, I don't know why anyone would need to be restricted to cards they own. Half the reason I like this program is the ability to experiment with new decks and try out all these crazy cards without having to bust my bank to do so.

    So yea, as long as we keep the decks within the restrictions of the tournament; they can be whatever your heart desires.
  • Because of the nature of MWS and VPT, having infinite copies of all cards, ever, at our disposal, a style of play that I've found to be a good compromise between the standard restrictions of Legacy and Vintage and something like Singleton or Highlander is what my playgroup calls Treasury Magic. It goes like this:

    In any given deck there can be 4 of any common card, but only 2 of any uncommon, only 1 of any rare and only 1 mythic rare card per deck, period. This excludes basic lands, any number of which can be included, but includes non-basic lands. If there are multiple rarities for one card, use the rarity of its most recent release, such as the Vault series. Legendary cards are always one-ofs in any deck, no matter their rarity, but there can be four of any card that specifically mentions other copies of itself in its own textbox, such as "Korlash, Heir to Blackblade."

    Treasury rules force a lot more variety into decks and make games much less predictable because you're having to adapt to variable hands each game, instead of just waiting your three or four draws until you're statistically guaranteed to draw your Kessig Wolf Run or your Primeval Titan or something. You have to plan for multiple possible ways of reaching the end game instead of tailoring the entire deck to just one gimmick. At the same time, however, you do have a general idea of the common cards that you're most likely to see each game so you can still form some general coherent strategies for a given deck, you just have to build in more flexibility around your more powerful rares and your one mythic rare.

    The next time you play a set of casual games, give it a shot and see what you think. My friends and I rarely ever play standard construction rules anymore.
  • "In any given deck there can be 4 of any common card, but only 2 of any uncommon, only 1 of any rare and only 1 mythic rare card per deck, period."
    That was exactly the question I was going to ask.
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    I'm not very familiar with old cards, so having to build a competitive Legacy deck, especially with rarity restrictions in place, would be quite difficult for me.

    I think we should try to make things as simple as possible for our first organized events.
  • The rarity restrictions could also be used for standard deck building.
    Or are there any existing building limits? (I'm not familiar with tournament rules)
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    In regular Standard tournaments? No, you can include 4 copies of any card regardless of rarity, that have been printed in Standard-legal blocks. If a card is way too OP they ban it, but it's a very rare occurrence, and the current Standard blocks do not have any banned cards.

    In my opinion, Standard without rarity restrictions won't be broken (no Black Lotuses or Time Walks running around to ruin everyone's day). Go ahead and include 4 Wurmcoil Engines into your decks if you like. I'd quite relish the chance to play with professional-level decks without having to spend professional-level amounts of cash. :p

    If you want to know what cards are allowed in Standard, click "Sets" and filter it to "Standard" (available on the left column).
  • Exactly Spheniscine. Also, there seems to be a small debate forming as to what the restrictions of these organized events should be. I don't see why we have to adopt one format (i.e. Standard or this proposed Treasury Magic) We can have a tournament one day for Standard, the next for Modern, the next for Treasury. I don't see why that would be an issue at all, variety is king.

    Although, for our first attempt at this. I would feel best if we use Standard. It's one of the most uniform, easy to understand, and it's not too overwhelming for new players...who may not be familiar with all the cards that have come out over the past decades.

    Right now I'm trying to get a full list of participants. This is who I believe is willing to play in the event. If your name is not on this list, but would like to participate, please let me know. Also, if your name IS on this list, but you do NOT want to play. Please let me know.

    JNSiQwa (need confirmation of this)

    I have no established time or date for this event as of now. I figured we could establish one once we have an agreed upon pool of players.

    And please, if you want to play DON'T hesitate to say so. I don't care how much you do or don't understand the game. You gotta start somewhere aye?

  • I'd be interested in participating but I'd need a more definite date and time to be able to say for certain. I'm in UTC-4 and it's easiest for me to play weekdays between UTC 00:00 and 06:00
  • Well, how about this people. If we can get enough participants, I'm down to do this thing Sunday 2/19. And we can schedule match times to fit every ones schedules. We can just stretch the tournament throughout the day. So who is in?!

    This is who I have so far.


    With myself included, that's 5. So we would need three more.
  • Besides Standard, Modern, Treasury, there also could be Classic (for all pre-8th-Edition-fans) and Preconstructed (for all people new to modern/latest Magic card sets).

    I am in UTC+1.
    Perhaps you could include the time zones in your posting.
  • @sanguinus

    Exactly what I was thinking. I was actually going to request people give their time zone when the sign up for the event. I will include mine, yours, and JNS's time zone on the next list posting.

    If you want to participate; let me know your time zone in the signup threat.
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