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MTG Database update with "Core Set 2019"

MTG Database update with "Core Set 2019" available on main site:


  • download doesn't include core set 2019 atm tested on 2pc's
  • Can't get VPT to run with this update. Loads to the front page, choose deck editor, loads for about 5 seconds then exits.
  • Finally got it working, but can confirm Demiurgus's post, there's not Core 2019, Battlebond, Commander Anthology II (not that it really matters, just a bunch of reprints), Spellbook: Jace, or the Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling.
  • Downloaded the installer from that link, but VPT is back to the issue I posted above: Launch the program, choose deck editor, waits about 5 seconds, then the window closes and nothing else happens.
  • Rebooted the machine, was able to launch VPT, but again, no new sets are showing up. Re-installed the module, and I'm back to VPT not launching, even after a reboot. I made a new thread for the error I'm getting.
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