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Questions before buying

1- how i'm gonna have sure that this project will go on?
2- I'm just gonna need to buy this time to have full access to everything even in far future?
3- Beside full set view what else is included?
4- i only playtest, but how many people still play this?


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    more questions

    5- how i change the token photo? like there is a m14 angel token and a different angel token from Gatecrash, how can i choose between one of them? And can i have both? Like if i create one time will be m14 edition token, if i create the second time will be gatecrash version?

    6- This software have all cards variants? not missing any, with foil included?

    i need this questions answered, because without them i will not buy this
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    Registered version have no limit to selected sets in deck editor. Currently, this is the only restriction. Some features like deck statistics not implemented yet.
    But I make database updates regularely, when new MTG sets reliased.
    You can use evaluation version for play see by yourself how many peoples play with it - usually there is about 5-10 peoples in play room. Many users use Virtual Playtable for deck building only.

    This software contains database with all card variants, foils, and promos as possible for my knowledge. If you know cards not included in it, please report me and them will be added. (But not all card images available for promo and some other cards)

    Currently you can't change token photos, may be in future I will add feature to do it from interface.
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    But you plan to keep this project going for a long time? Because this is by far the best software of magic

    Sorry but i didn't understand this part "(But not all card images available for promo and some other cards)"

    About the tokens, not even by puting the photos by myself as a custom art or something? And plz if you can add this feature in the interface

    About the players no problem i only play deck test against myself xD

    I will buy when i get home, thx for answering :)
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