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card images question,help on some controls,and suggestion

before anything else,great work on this software! i gotta ask, is there any other way to have card images without VPT searching for every single image on the net? i have images from workstation, can i use it and how? i tried puttings all pics/images to the my documents folder/playtable/magic/images folder and select it as a path on the option settings of VPT but it didnt work out. any help guys?
Also since im a new user, i still dont know some of the controls here,like targeting a card from spells,equipping enchantments and etc, can anybody point me out any helpful tutorial or guide here or sorts? also after playing a couple of games with my brother, we notice we lack an ELF token,we have to make do with a substitute saproling token since it's green also. kudos to detonator.


  • for the tokens, its as easy as when you go to create your saproling token, theres an option to "create new token" - just modify the stats of a topken to what you would like. i.e "Elf soldier" the stats to what you need, 1/1? hit save token, then you will notice you have an "elf" 1/1 token as an option when you go to make a new token :) hope this helps. As for equipping, with the new update you can click and drag with the right mouse and choose "attach to card."
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