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Questions about the Server

yeah, I now that running
$ Playtable.exe -server
can start a server port of vpt.
However, I wanna ask: is there anything like vpt server on linux/other os?
Also, I wonder is there any way to control the server within the (uh, actually ugly) window of server port.
P.S if vpt can publish its protocol of connection, I am pleased to write something like a server port.


  • current Virtual Playtable version uses RakNet network library.
    It is simple and have no any control features (all logic works on client sides). What do you want control on it?

    RakNet library have some bugs, so in close future I have plans to change this library to one of variants:
    - Photon Cloud (custom servers available too, but Windows only)
    - MQTT protocol (Cloud on AWS IoT)
    custom servers available on Windows and Linux (opensource):

    I'm not sure yet what will be final choice.
    Photon Cloud is extremely fast and allow opponent's mouse movements to be showed almost in realtime.
    MQTT is simple and free, but allow less messages per second.
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