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Play Test crashes

Every once in a while, maybe once an hour, PlayTable crashes to the desktop. No warning, happens instantly.

It only happens in the Test Play window, never in the editor. Not doing anything in particular when it happens; sometimes I'm not doing anything at all.

Any suggestions?


  • This happens to me too where it simply closes without reason. It can happen in solo play test and also when playing online.

    Similarly after playing the Test Play window for a long time (maybe 2 hours) it will get very laggy and eventually crash. This seems to happen faster based on things like drawing lots of cards or gaining lots of life.

    If anyone has that problem I suggest restarting the program when you notice it start to lag. For the random instant closing I can only hope it will be fixed in a later build, but letting you know it's not just you.
  • Well, I guess no one's supporting this paid-for program, but in case someone does get the urge to actually try and fix crash issues, this might help.

    The playtest module continues to silently CTD after less than an hour, but I recently tried running it in Win8 compatibility mode (I'm running Win10), it hasn't yet crashed, BUT after some time (less than an hour) the lag gets SO pronounced the playtest module basically comes to a grinding halt. Then I got a popup error (never got these before running in Win8 mode) ...

    JNI: Exception
    JNI: in thread "main"
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: State was changed between transactions:
    at vpt.state.State.startTransaction(
    at vpt.state.State.apply(
    at vpt.state.State.internalExecute(
    at vpt.state.StateController.execute(
    at vpt.state.commands.BaseStringCommand.execute(
    at vpt.widgets.CommandProxy.processAction(
    at vpt.widgets.CommandProxy.execute(
    at vpt.widgets.CommandAction.onTriggered(
    at vpt.widgets.Window.showModal(Native Method)

    There was another popup before this one but I neglected to copy it, but I did see a line that said it ran out of heap space.

    You've got what appears to be a memory leak that causes crashes in Win10 but not in Win8 mode.

    Hope this helps, or at the very least, someone with access to the source code reads it.
  • Fargol, thank you.
  • I can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that if you're running Win10 and it CTD's often, run it in Win8 compatibility mode (right click the executable -> Properties -> Compatibility. There's a checkbox and a dropdown list for the various modes.

    However, it does, eventually, start to lag but not nearly as dramatically as before.
  • Heya,

    I'm also experiencing this, except recently i've experienced a lack of sounds not related to the system sounds, and i keep getting the error ""JavaVM terminated abnormally""
    This seems to have come to a head today where I am no longer able to launch the test play. I choose which decks to test, and when i accept to play, Java termonates with the above error :S
  • Ditto on the crashing. It starts to get laggy and crashes after an hour, hour and a half of online play. Any idea when we will see a patch?
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