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Virtual Playtable 0.9.3 and MTG "Oath of the Gatewatch" database update

Virtual Playtable 0.9.3 and MTG "Oath of the Gatewatch" database update available on main site:

changes from 0.9.2
- Added colorless mana support
- Added context menu when drag&drop cards with right button pressed (to any zone)
- Added possibility to attach cards like Aura/Equipments (put card to Battlefield, then drag&drop this card to other card on Battlefield with right button pressed)
- Added possibility to set mark on card: Ctrl+Shift+Click (on Battlefield)
- Added possibility to shuffle group of selected cards (on Battlefield)
- Added possibility to mark random card from group of selected cards (on Battlefield)
- Added purple border for cards with changed controller
- Added Commander damage counter for player and Storm counter in turn step panel
- Added possibility to add damage/change counters to opponent's cards
- Added shortcut for add and remove +1/+1 counters: Alt+] / Alt+[
- Added shortcut for add and remove -1/-1 counters: Shift+Alt+] / Shift+Alt+[
- Added options to hide Card image, Price and Details panels
- Added Custom mode for draft and sealed (choose any set of boosters)


  • That's awesome. Thanks for the great work !! =)
  • Yay! This is awesome! I thought you had forgotten about us! This is very welcome.
  • >  when I use fetch land(like bloodstained mire to find a swamp or a mountain
    > or any lands, it could not be show , just a card back)  

    After moving card from library to Battlefield, right click on card and choose "Turn Face Up"
  • Is there any way to move top X cards from a library to somewhere ? It could be usefull.
  • Cards being moved to exile or from your library to the field always defaulting to face down is the most annoying thing I have ever seen.

    Bugs I've encountered:

    Still unable to hold the keyboard shortcuts for increasing or decreasing P/T (ctrl and alt, and then - or =) after the turn the card/token was played. This has been an ongoing issue. Although it IS nice that the options now exist in the right-click menu.

    Cards are still randomly showing up face down when drawn. Again, ongoing issue.

    Having to click on an equipment in just the right place in order to 'equip' it to a creature. This was never an issue before, why is it now?

    I was about 10 minutes into a game between two of my decks (offline mode that is), and I was moving a card from my hand to the top of my deck, and the game crashed. I'm not sure the exact circumstances that caused it.
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