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its been a while since oath was released please update the software


  • I'm pretty sure he's doing everything he can. So let him breath xD. But I'm really impatient too !!
  • I assume everyone knows how to open mtg.jar in 7-zip, and then navigate to the database folder inside the archive (archive being what 7-zip calls it).

    Once there, there is a folder called sets. <--the Commander and the Oath .en.xml files go into database/sets, and the others go into database.

    I have NOT been able to fix up Zendikar Expeditions as of yet, nor have I figured out where to find set icon images. When I do, I can perhaps provide those.

    I don't know how to make the colourless mana symbol display on VPT; that may require a program update. That said, through experimenting (at first I really screwed up the Commander file), it seems that VPT is coded to generate its own image based on the input from the xml file, because I have the set images downloaded, and have told VPT to look locally for them, and never look online.

    So when I didn't code toughness properly, imagine my surprise when the image said it was a "1/". No toughness. If it was displaying my local images, that should never have been seen by me.
  • Where is mtg.jar?
  • Nevermind.. I found it in my "Documents" folder. I was looking in "Program files". lol
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