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Game Start Issue

I'm having an issue. I try to starting a game. When I get to the field, I load my deck, but then when I press start game, nothing happens. Here's the story, I am not using a PC. I am using a mac with a special software on here called wine. the software allows me to use exe files off my computer. I don't see any difference unless I loaded or started something wrong. Can someone help? (And PLEASE DO NOT GO OFF RANTING THAT I SHOULD JUST GO OFF AND GET A PC LIKE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE SURE NOBODY HAS A MAC. I AM SERIOUSLY SICK OF IT.)


  • sonic401, current version doesn't support Mac with Wine.
    May be in future I will release Mac version of Virtual Playtable.
    But I newer will try to fix any Wine problems, Wine has it's own developers and support, try ask them.
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