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some suggestions

hello,Detonator,I‘m a fun of vpt software. I think it is very good and thanks for ur work first.for the favor I donated for a license key,but I find that there is no different bewteen key players and no-key users.I noticed that normal users could view 3 sets of datebase once time when they built deck,but we usually build deck from paste deck list or download deck from there is no different.then the question is why should we pay for a license key.I suggest u should provide more effective functions to our license users,for example,maybe record the game auto function,or analysis the deck and so the other hand,u can restrict the no-license users's brief,u should reflect the difference between the two kinds of players.
thanks for read,and looking forward to your reply


  • I will add more features available only for registered version in future updates.
    Thank you for buying license key, you support my time spent on development of these features.

    About "view 3 sets of datebase once time" - I think to remove this restriction soon. All sets (and format/sets filtering) will be available, but card type/color filtering, search, deck analisis, legality check - will be available only for registered version.
  • thanks for ur reply,and looking forward to these features.I suggest VPT can provide multiplayer mode,for example,Archenemy mode and Planechase mode.and i hope when we lost connect and login again we can restore our game before.if it's possible,I think these features are very impressive.
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