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Search Function Improvements

Just a few things that came up while using VPT to deckbuild:

Expanding the search dialog by author would complete the functionality here. It would be great for building themed decks in my opinion.

I would also like to have some commonly used search filters, such as double quotes for exact string match, and minus to exclude search terms. So searching for
" siege" -outpost
in Standard would return the four sieges from FRF that aren't named "Outpost Siege", but not Siege Rhino or Siege Dragon because I explicitly search for a siege with a space ahead of it.
Now this example is for names, but only because this example came to mind... it's much more interesting for card text, as it allows to more precisely search for "enters the battlefield", for example. As a bonus, Maybe wildcards would be cool to do something like
"enter* the battlefield"
finding both "enter the battlefield" and "enters the battlefield".

Now I realize that's probably a bigger functionality, and I'm not trying to stress you out with the upcoming 0.9.3 release and all... just saying it would be a nice addition in the future.

Also, unrelated: thanks for the database update :)


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