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MTG "Fate Reforged" database update

edited January 2015
MTG "Fate Reforged" database update available on main site:

To update download and install MTG module 0.9.2 only.

Virtual Playtable 0.9.3 update will be available about one week later.


  • huge thanks!

    any info about commander 14?
  • edited January 2015
    Commander 2014 is already in database too (has some problem with 4-ability planeswalker rendering, but this will be fixed in VPT 0.9.3).
  • oh thnks it seems ive missed it.
    you are doing great wokr, the magic community needs more ppl like you!
  • edited January 2015
    Awesome! Two concerns--Standard format has not been updated to remove RTR block and M14, or to include Fate Reforged, and KTK block does not auto tick Fate Reforged.

    ETA: I've downloaded the images from Journey Into Nyx onward, and I've put them in the right directories and unticked load images from internet. However, the loading doesn't seem to happen inasmuch as I would expect to see the clan watermarks because I'm loading an image that has them.

    I've checked Return to Ravnica for the guild watermarks and don't see those either.
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