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Looking for someone to play some Magic

edited January 2015
I am from Germany and i am mostly online from 16:00 till 23:00 CET.
It seems the most Players are not from my Timezone, because there are only 5-10 Players online when i want to play.

So i ask here if there is anyone which is online at this Timewindow and want to play some Magic (Standard, Legacy, EDH or even Modern)

I am 25y old and Play mostly paper Magic with friends (mostly Highlander and EDH and some Legacy)
I played also Magic Online (Standard and Legacy) but it wasnt that fun to pay for Virtual Cards and i selled my Collection.
I got Skype and i own a TS Server.

So if there is anybody out there who wants to play some Magic and just have some fun, write me here :)

PS: Sorry for my bad english writing skills =)

Mfg Max


  • Hi, if you didn't get any replyes, I just registered, and play from CET+1 zone. But, I'm new to MTG, have been playing only the Duels of the Plainswalkers on Steam so far.
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