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Small Bug

Nothing big, but therefore hopefully easy to fix: Marking damage with the CTRL+Left Click combination doesn't work on animated creatures. Meaning, I cannot assign damage on a creature that I assigned power and toughness to by effects such as [[Karn, Silver Golem]] or [[Ensoul Artifact]].

According to the rules, only creatures, planeswalkers, and players can be dealt damage; but damage stays on permanents even if they stop being creatures or planeswalkers. Maybe you could incorporate this functionality somehow?


  • Thank you, will fix it.
  • a bit other, but somehow simmilar to Scope's problem:
    If i turn a basicland or a non-creature pernament into a creature, i cannot change or edit its P/T or i cannot put counters on it.

    Its a general bug, or i scewed up something?
  • I tested ironkovacs' problem and didn't see any problem with that. What you have to do before applying counters to it is set power/toughness, which you can do on the Card Attributes screen, under 'Override' (this field is for effects that set power/toughness, as opposed to buffs such as "+2/+2", which the 'Change' option is for). You can do this with every card in the playing area, regardless of card type (and that works for me).

    I also re-tested my own thing and found out that what I wrote initially isn't quite correct. What really happens is that in a Test Play session (not sure about Online Play), I can only apply damage to the cards in the bottom player's area, not the top player's.
    Guess I must'Ve been quite tired to come up with the above explanation... but it did look a lot like it at the time! :D Sorry for the confusion.
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