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Useful options after playing FRF prerelease

- View cards in exile option, like there is for graveyard.
- Options to move all cards from graveyard and exile to hand/library/battlefield
- With the card "Ghastly Conscription", its texts says "Exile all creature cards from target player's graveyard in a face-down pile, shuffle that pile, then manifest those cards". I assume this is because a player may know what creatures will be there, but now they don't know which card is which.

From experimentation, it seems to in order to do this effectively, Player A must view Graveyard, pull all his creatures out onto the battlefield, then switch the cards' controller. Player B would then move them to her exile, view her cards in exile, and then randomly pick the cards to be put onto the battlefield faced down so that Player A doesn't know which is which. And even then a new option in VPT needs to be added.

There has to be an easier way. Jeskai Infiltrator has similar wording regarding the shuffling, as Infiltrator and one other card are manifested.

(also, the Library has all options given twice for "Move top card to".)


  • The reason for that wording in a normal Magic game is that cards in any graveyard are face-up. If you move some of them to the graveyard face-down, a player is still allowed to keep track of which is which (as they are with morph creatures), and you're normally not allowed to obscure this in any way. Ghastly Conscription let's you shuffle that face-down pile in order to legally circumvent that rule.
    The reason is NOT that player A (in your example) cannot now which cards are which, because as soon as they enter the battlefield face-down under his or her control again, he or she is allowed to look at them.

    Jeskai Infiltrator's purpose is, likewise, to conceal to your opponent which card is Jeskai Infiltrator and which is the one from the top of your library.

    However, doing this the right way in VPT is indeed tricky, because while you can put cards into exile face-down (the log correctly states which card gets put there), you can't really randomize anything in there other than by wildly dragging them around, which in theory works unless your opponent has a fast view for this kind of things and feels like tracking seven different creatures. Of course if it's only two creatures, this is somewhat of an ordeal.

    To me, there's no real way to solve this other than you can do it already, though. Similar to real shuffling, an opponent may be able to follow your sorting and keep everything in mind. The only way I can even think about doing is is adding piles as a new game element, which work essentially like the library and graveyard do at the moment, and then, you made a giant construct around one, maybe two cards that is still harder to handle than the way you can do it now.
  • I will add commands:
    1) Shuffle selected cards (in battlefield area)
    2) Mark random card from selected cards (in battlefield area)
    3) Ability to directly move cards from other player's zones to your battlefield (without additional step for owner to give control to you). Cards with changed controller will be visually marked.

    So you can move cards from other player's graveyard to your side, turn them face down (and manifest to 2/2), select all these cards and then shufffle (they will be randomly reordered). Multiple card selection can be done with Shift+Click or drag rectangular area with mouse.

    I will implement it in few days together with Fate Reforged database update.
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