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Changing the Starting Hand Size

I've searched around for this for about an hour now and am coming up empty handed. I have a MTG module that's running my custom made game. I basically just modified the MTG module's cards to be my cards. The game is similar enough to magic that I can use their mana system and their cards to display my text. I already have all that set up and everything works great.

This would be mostly out of convenience but I want my game to start with 5 cards instead of 7. I can manually put all the cards back on the deck shuffle them, then draw to 5, but that seems like a pain to do every single game. Is there a way I can modify the starting hand size from 7 to 5?

Also, a few other little things I'd like to change if it's easy to do. Starting health at 30 and 10 colorless mana when the game starts. If those can easily be changed too, let me know.



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