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Commander 14?

Hi there!

i have just a simple Q: When will we able to use the new cards from the Commander 2014 packs?

And another thing: It would be nice, if there would be an option, for count commander dmgs as we can count poisons or combat dmgs.

Thx for your efforts:


  • edited November 2014
    As a Commander/EDH only player, I agree with all of the above. Also, it would be really nice to have an option to start with the Commander in the exile zone (or have the option of using the command zone) instead of having to fish it out of the deck at the start of each game.

    Also, having Commander/EDH as a selectable format option would be great too!
  • Well, technically, a commander isn't part of your deck, but the only card in your sideboard - so you'd only have to fish it from there. Would be more convenient if automated, though (along with the 40 life at start).

    Maybe either introduce the Commander format and check for each deck seperately, or have an extra option at the start of the game? I'd prefer the first, however.
  • It would be great if you could edit the starting life total, since formats can use different life totals.
  • same here, we use this fine program to build and test commander and pauper commander decs.

  • I already have cards database for Commander 2014, but I don't finished card rendering for it (planeswalkers with 4 ability lines).
    New update with Commander 2014 will be released not earlier than end of december.
  • the old jayce had 4 abi too, its shows up nice. so i think you can yuse it aswell ;)

    i wish you good work, and we are waitng for your next update!

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