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New players

Hi Everyone. I am a 'duels of the planeswalker 2015' steam player who is looking for a deeper experience. I found out about the Virtual Playtable and I am very interested/excited.

As a new player who is fairly new to mtg experience I have a few thoughts.

What is this community like for new players who need to learn the 'system'
Looking at a youtube gameplay video it looks like I need to manually do all health changes etc. (I guess this is just like the 'paper' magic, which makes sense.

Is it worth having a section on the forum for new players that can ask each other basic questions, and together work out everything we need to know? Experienced players could give advice in there too.
I imagine it would be a great way to 'grow' the community.

I hope to set the game up tonight.

Many thanks


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