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Is there a shortcut key to add +1+1 coin to selected creatures?

i think there may be a shortcut key can do that, because i saw some one put +1+1 coins on his all creatures.
can virtual playtable's manager make a guide for all shortcuts?


  • Currently no special shortcut for +1/+1 counters.
    I will add it in next version. (I think Alt+[ for -1/-1 and Alt+] for +1/+1 will be usable)
  • right now, ctrl+alt+"-" makes a creature weaker (-1/-1), only ctrl+"-" makes -1/-0 and alt+"-" makes -0/-1... But i cannot find the option to make the oposite (+1/+1, +1/+0 and +0/+1), can you tell me, please, how is it done??
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