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Online Play

edited December 2011
So far, this build seems to be working well. However, I can't really give any feedback regarding online play, due to the absence of players. We should try to get some people on more often.


  • edited December 2011
    Bonesaw, I want to finish some features like select deck for play, sideboarding between games and etc, I think finish it next two weeks. Then I will publish 0.50 download link on main site and advertise this app on other sites to get players.
  • Sounds good. Thank you for your timely response.
  • edited January 2012
    To get new players for test please publish link to thread with VPT 0.5 builds on MTG forums you know.

    If you can't connect to default server, write message here, I will check if server still worked.
  • Love the table. Would like some animated play or pvp action though. Need to test it out.
  • I cannot connect to the server, the message is "Can't connect to host".
  • I got the same thing...
  • Server restarted
  • I'm a big fan of this game since playing magic with my friend in france is now possible with the same decks we have over here!! But for some reason when we are playing on three different computers at the same place we seem to be having problems connecting to host....all at the same time is comprehensible but one after the other is quite odd? I was hoping you could help me with this issue....?
  • I cannot connect to the server even if I try it how many times.
  • I have restarted server
  • I offten lost connecting to the server.
  • I offten lost connecting to the server.
  • I get the message " can't connect to host" ? Why ?
  • I got the same thing
  • I have restarted server.
  • thank you
  • Cant connect to host
  • same here is anyone else having the same problem?
  • edited May 2014
    Unfortunately, some users have problems with connection. It can't be fixed in easy way.
    I will release new version to fix this problem in about ten days.
  • ok many thanks, sorry to be a pain.
  • hey guys cant connect to host anyone else?
  • I have restarted server again.
  • AWW I cant connect to server...this sucks
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