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Card Images

A concern, not a huge one, but the quality of the card images seems to have sloped. It started happening with Born of the Gods. Everything up to Theros is crisp, clean and large, but from BNG onward the quality of images in the database is small and cropped awkwardly. Are better images coming?


  • Oh, and I mentioned it some time ago, but I don't think there was a response. The images for Conspiracy never have showed up in VPT. It's a shame, there are a lot of decent looking cards in that set that I'd love to see in my EDH decks.
  • edited September 2014
    I do not scan images by myself. I use images from CCGHQ Team when available,
    for other sets I use images from site. Some promo cards and special sets do not have card scans at all.

    I will check images for Conspiracy and upload them on server.
  • I guess that's the problem then. I'm not very familiar with CCGHQ so I can't comment on their work, but if you've got everything from BNG, JOU and M15 from them then its definitely dipped in quality. Looking forward to the Conspiracy images. :D

    Oh, one last thing, pretty minor though. The Judgment set image isn't showing on VPT cards. Instead of the scales, it shows JU on them. This could be because the set is mislabeled (the abbreviation for the Judgment set was JUD) but I don't know how VPT works on the inside so I can't verify that.
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