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New editions

edited September 2014
Well... it takes tooooo long for the updates for new editions. I need to practice for KtK and there's no sign of this edition on vpt yet. It harms who needs the plataform for pre-release tests... please, Detonator, consider updating VPT before the release of the current edition for us to train for the release events.

Thanks in advance!


  • New set update will be available in one-two days.
    I'm working on it.
  • edited September 2014
    KTK has been added to Gatherer (the official card database) a few hours ago (it wasn't online at the time of your post, anyway), so I wouldn't say updates take too long. Of course you could go through the hassle of manually typing each card into a database yourself, but that's a huge amount of work compared to automatically getting it over the API from Gatherer and have reliable, correct card information.
    I'm no dev on this project or anything, but I'd rather install one update that has correct card information rather than two within a week, where the second one patches all the type-copy mistakes.
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