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collection Management

Hey i purchased this crazy tool. Its the best for mtg deckbuilding and testing, cardsearch and analyzis.
But now i want to do this: im looking for a way to organize my collection. I want to have a list of my cards in stock... i could just make a word list or excel... but i would like to have the filters from this tool to overview the stock... for example i wanna build a blue deck with a special mechanic or creature type...
I thought maybe there is a way to do this by loading a costum database or use the filter on a deck which is the stock
Thanks for reading my bad english


  • Currently collection management is not implemented.
    But I will try to add basic collection management features in about two months.
  • That would be awesome... what do you mean by basic
  • edited September 2014
    Something like
    add/remove cards to collection with Own/Trade/Need counters
    build decks from collection
    show/filter/print/export cards with All/Owned only/Not Owned and other flags
    set Mint/Played/Poor conditions, text note and custom prices for collection items
    import collections from different sources

    You are welcome to suggest additional collection features.
  • Text note is important playset or in which box the card is etc... filtering an builing deck f4om collection a must have...
    Language edition option
  • Something like this would be extremely handy. I've been slowly moving all of my cards into binders (I'm pushing the 1 million card mark lol), each MTG set in one binder. Takes up a lot of room :-) But having a database of my sets would be really nice. I tried using the program on Essential Magic, but a lot of times it would time out and not save, losing a lot of progress.
  • It would be a really helpful feature. Looking forwarded for your implementation
  • so it has been a long time and we still didnt got those features?!
  • I was under the impression that the Collection feature was already added, so I purchased the product. Bad on my end, however, this post is from 2014...I'm not sure what the reasoning, but I'd really like that added among several other people who bought your program. I mean no disrespect or anything negative because I don't know the situation.
  • Well we are waiting.... is there any progress?
  • nothing?
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