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Potential Future CCG Game Modules

I know it has been stated that this software will support more than one CCG game. I was wondering if we could someday have a module for OverPower ( or Doomtown ( Both of these games have had loyal followings and quite a few collectors. I, myself would love to be able to play these out-of-print games gain, with players, over the web. What do you say?


  • For creating game module I need cards texts and hi-res card scans (or site where I can download it)

    Later I will add feature and interface for create/edit sets and custom modules, so any game can be added.
  • There is OCTGN game files for Doomtown, including artwork scans, if that helps. I am still looking for OverPower stuff.
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    Long time ago (6+ years ago if I'm not wrong), when I did some game packs for the old discontinued MWS 0.95, I managed to collect card spoilers and images for NetRunner, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and VS System. I don't think I have those packs anymore (must check), and they would obviosly be long outdated, but if managed to find data for them so long ago, surely it should be even easier now.

    In particular I found VS System to be a very funny and interesting game, much more than the other two, which however have a good amount of followers mainly because of the publicity tied to them. With all this hype and movies regarding Marvel and DC characters, however, I feel VS System should be able to get a lot of success. NetRunner is also a great game, but it's older than MtG, and was closed long ago: most of its followers are probably too "old" now to be still interested in playing it.
  • Netrunner may be old, but it lives on. My friend just a couple of months ago found the game at our card shop. It's called Android Netrunner now, and they are still releasing expansions for it as well.

    I would LOVE the opportunity to be able to play this on VPT
  • Oh, didn' know abou this relaunch! It seems the mechanics are mostly the same (maybe with some polishing), however it's not just a continuation of the old NetRunner, but a new game with different cards. Tought that WotC kept the copyright and refused to give it to other companies.. seems things have changed?
  • I didn't know there were new identities out. I'll have to check these out. I can't wait to play this in VPT :D
  • What about games that require far less input - deckbuilders like Thunderstone Advance, Rune Age, etc. I have high quality scans of all my cards, just need a virtual table to deal/manage them.

    Because all you need to know is on the cards there's no reason for elaborate files with abilities, etc.
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    In MWS EasyInstall package has multiple databases of card games, collected by me over the years, it might help you ... take a look ;-)
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