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Grouping cards together on playing field?

Is there a way to group cards together as one unit? For instance, can you group a non-land permanent with Enchantment Auras or Equipment, so that it taps/moves as one entity. Also, is there a way to group cards together to make them be affected stats-wise, by an Enchantment/Artifact that functions as an Anthem Effect (e.g. Honor of the Pure; all White creatures get +1+1)? Thanks for your input.


  • > Is there a way to group cards together as one unit?

    No. Auras and Equipment are not supported yet.
    You can only select multiple cards and drag to new position, they will automatically aligned in one row.

  • Just as a reminder: If auras and equipment would tap with the enchanted permanent, that would actually be wrong, as they are able to tap individually even when attached (see Second Wind, for example).
  • If the enchantment/equipment/fortification would simply attach to the permanent, that would be a huge help. Because of the way things are reversed on your opponent's screen, it shows that the enchantment or equipment is actually on top of the creature or permanent its enchanting, making it difficult to see that creature's p/t.
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