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Shuffling not random/mana screw issue

I have been playing with the game and module for a few weeks now, and I seem to have discovered a nagging problem. I have built 60-card Standard decks, 70-card Standard decks, and various numbers of cards in between. No matter the card number, nor average lands (22-24) I always get stuck on 2-3 lands, for any number of turns. If I mulligan, I usually get no lands or just one. I am unsure if this is a result of the shuffling logarithm or random number generator that sets the odds table for getting card outcomes, but it needs help. I saw that a year or so ago, in the search results, that you were switching to a new generator. I am no statistician, but I would think, based upon actually playing with real cards, this should not happen with this consistency. Could you please check on this, and get back to me? Thanks. I just want to make this game platform better.
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