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Controller Support

As someone, who has played Magic Duels 20xx for years now, I am well aware of the benefit of using a game controller for card manipulation and turn management. Any possibility this may show up in future releases? If so, what controllers would be supported and would they be mappable? Thanks.


  • I never had any controller and don't know how to use it. So I have no plans to support them. VPT uses mouse drag&drop operations (for arrow drawing and card moving), in my plans support tablets (touchscreen) only.
  • I've played the Duels of the Planeswalkers-series, and the controller controls don't work too bad. To give a rough sketch of how it works: You navigate cards with the stick or D-Pad, enlarge cards with R2 and choose spells or actions by confirming. Whenever a player casts a spell, everyone gets a short time to press a key to stop the timer, and possibly select a card to cast in response.

    The controls with the controller feel easy-going when you get used to it (which doesn't take long), however there's two things to consider. First of all, DotP is heavily self-running, meaning it follows rules on it's own and you only have to select a few things here and there, and stop every once in a while to interact with something. Virtual Playtable doesn't have any rules management (except simple things like enabling cards not untapping during the upkeep step), and players have to do most things yourself and communicate what they're doing via text or in a voice chat.
    Second, DotP uses a gamepad because the console versions require it to. VPT's way to hover over cards to look at them is a lot faster and less annoying than DotP's trigger enlargement, and things like mass-selection, right-click access to menus and so on, allow you to act quicker than in DotP generaly (as in when you're not playing the Bears deck).

    So yeah, I don't really see how controller support would change anything for the better unless a complete rules engine is added.
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