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can't connect to host

I've already updated to the latest 9.1 VPT set,But I can't connect to the host from Wednesday,I wanna know how to solve the situation? I've already reinstalled the VPT,but it still can't connect.Is anybody can help me?


  • Virtual Playtable use UDP 4753 port for connection to server, maybe your other software or router blocked it. Try to disable your firewall software or add Playtable.exe to exclusion rules.
    Nothing was changed from Wednesday, at this moment server is working and have players online.

    If anyone have problems with connection too, please write here. I will try to prepare special build with logging to solve this problem, but I need time for it.
  • I've already restored the system,but it still can't connect,when I used another computer(same router) I can connect.
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