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Virtual Playtable Roadmap

edited August 2014
This is list of features will be implemented in future versions:

Immediate plans (before 1.0)
- Statistic and Analysis dialogs
- Deck information and Formats validation
- Manual for Deck Editor and Play Testing

Plans for the near future (after 1.0)
- Interface and manual for creating other game modules and custom sets
- Collection management
- Spectrator and multiplayer modes for play

Distant future
- Add JavaScript support for play testing customization and game-specific automation
- Release Mac and Linux versions


  • IMHO manual is unnecessary. Custom desktops for playtable would be great.
  • "Custom desktops" you have in mind custom image for play window background or something else?
  • How far away is enchantment/equipment attaching? Just curious
  • U can set a few default desktops or the possibility of adding your own.
  • I used to make websites professionally, create user interfaces, and do photo editing so I could help with custom backgrounds. I don't know what kind of art direction you currently have.
  • Greetings Detonator thank you for all the work you put into VPT.

    I was wondering what you think of getting play mats to play on? with backgrounds it would be legendary
  • oh wait some one else thought of it firstXD
    oh please fix my "cant connect to host"
  • have you guys planned to have a mobile version on phones? IOS or Android.
  • Could I request two things, Detonator?

    First: Can we have the new Magic 2015 card frame? The one with the black space on the bottom? It looks nice and makes all the cards feel more modern.

    Two: Could you make an option to hide the price information and the card text window in the lower-left of the deck builder screen? It would be nice to have it just like the option for the icon bar at the top of the screen: right-click on the price information and have a option to hide it and the card text. This way, we only see the card picture and don't have the price info and the card text taking up valuable screen space.
  • > Can we have the new Magic 2015 card frame?

    Yes, will be done.

    > Could you make an option to hide the price information and the card text window in the lower-left of the deck builder screen?

    What do you want instead of it, empty gray space?

  • What I was hoping was that you could make the price and rules section just hide completely so that the card image could be shown at full size and not make the bottom edge of the window get pushed off screen.

    Right now, whenever I try to run the program at 1024x768 (My PC's old and I'm poor; I'm sorry I'm working with inferior hardware) the bottom part of the window is pushed off the screen so that I can't see anything that's in the bottom fifth of the card selection panel. I don't need any of the information in the price or rule boxes, so I'd love to just hide them completely and use the full-size card image for all the information I need.

    One other related request, which would be really cool, would be if the choices for card size selection and the parts of the UI that are hidden could be remembered between sessions, so that we wouldn't have to manually hide the toolbar and change the card size every time we open the program.

    I know that's a lot of work but if it could make it into the program, it would be awesome, Detonator. Thank you!
  • Also, I'm really excited about having the new card frame. The primary reason that I love VPT over Cockatrice or MWS or OCTGN or any of the other Magic software is because VPT looks SO much better than they do.

    The work that you do rendering the cards with the appropriate card frame and putting all the errated text right on the cards is, possibly, the single most valuable asset that VPT has. I love having the errataed text right on the most beautiful cards of any program, so, thank you for your great work and the card rendering engine you've made. It's fantastic and really appreciated, Detonator.
  • Ok, I will do it.
  • Current version (0.9.2) you can see on download page
    When new update will be released - you will see auto notification when run Virtual Playtable on your computer.
  • Hey there! I'm new here, pleased to be and very grateful for all your work. The program looks awesome. By the way, which code makes a creature +1/+1 (i found ctrl,alt,- to make it -1/-1, but didnt find the other option u.u)
  • One other request, Detonator. Could you put commands to "Play card tapped" and "Play card flipped" into the right-click menu for cards in your hand? That would make playing a lot of lands and creatures more convenient. Thanks for your hard work and great product!
  • Hi Detonator. Thank you for all of your hard work. I love the software, and use it to playtest all the time.

    I'm wondering if you've made any progress on fixing the system crash that occurs when you try to sideboard?
  • Excited for the analysis and statistics, on another note, can we get a feature where we can exclude cards from the filter?

    Filter: "Return from the graveyard to the battlefield"
    Exclude: Unearth

    Let me know what you think.
  • @Clarkesius: Something like this?
  • no not exactly
  • when do we get Draft Mode ; __ ;
  • I know this thread is kinda dead, but maybe we could compile a manual as a community. That way you can just link to it instead of having to write one yourself. If it makes the update come faster, I'm sure we'd all love to help. Plus, you're not a native English speaker, so it might be better to have someone who is write the English version.
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