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Virtual Playtable 0.9.1 released

edited August 2014
Virtual Playtable 0.9.1 released

changes from 0.9.0
- Files now have digital signature, I hope no more false antivirus reports
- Added possibility to translate interface and messages to other languages
- Updated tokens and emblem images (thanks to Bussoli)
- Fixed bug for land filtering, tokens and double faced cards rendering
- Changed database limitations in deck editor for unregistered version (sets filter now allow select any sets, but no more than three at once)


  • Thank you, thank you Detonator! I really appreciate you listening to the community and working with us! Awesome update!
  • I paid to get rid of those limitations two days ago so I could make old decks, and now I could have without paying. Oh well, awesome program. ^_^ Thanks for all your work.
  • Sylvan Caryatid is NOT in the 0.91 module decklist! Can you please fix asap?
  • > Sylvan Caryatid is NOT in the 0.91 module decklist! Can you please fix asap?

    I checked, it's available in database. Select "Theros" set in sets filter.
  • Anyone else having troubles viewing cards from the Conspiracy set? On my client, the images and the set symbol are not showing up, just a big blank white space where the image is, and CNS as the set symbol.
    Also, the Judgment set symbol isn't showing up either, just JU.
  • Thank you detonator, I was gonna introduce a new friend to the game a few days ago, but your previous restrictions made it really hard. I like your new filter restrictions, a very good change to reward convenience for purchasing instead of locking things out.

    By the way, I've already registered my copy a while ago, trying to support you in hopes for a multiplayer mode soon.
  • Very glad about this change detonator! Keep up the good work!
  • I'm noticing that the software still crashes occasionally when I try to sideboard. Will this ever be completely fixed, or is it just some unavoidable glitch?
  • megrim626, some bugs still exists. It's hard to reproduce them on my computer. In 0.9.1 I added crash reports auto-sending on my server, and today I see 5 reports already. I hope soon I can find and fix them.
  • edited August 2014
    Yeah, I'm having the same problem as jaxxis. Conspiracy cards are in the database, but the images aren't showing up. It's not a super big deal, but hopefully there's an easy fix.
  • edited August 2014
    I think the M15 set might be missing a few cards. I only say this because the cards have ###/269 in the bottom corner, and VPT only has 269 cards listed, but Terra Stomper is in the list. Terra Stomper is a rare that is not in the base set, it's card number is 284/269.

    Edit: I just used a card image downloader that pulls from, and there are 284 cards in M15.
  • edited August 2014
    M15 contains 284 cards (#1-#269 from boosters and #270-#284 from theme decks)
    VPT shows only 269 items for M15 because Basic lands variants are grouped (264*1 + 5 basic lands*4) = 284
  • Ahh, thank you for clearing that up. Can I suggest removing the apply changes for the in game life total. When you say -1 or +1, I think it should automatically change.
  • I have noticed a bug when you select a group of cards, raising p/t with ctrl alt + wont work, lowering p / t with ctrl alt - works instead.
  • ok, I will check it
  • Similarly ctrl + and alt + dont work; keep up with the good work, Detonator
  • edited August 2014
    Registered to say that I appreciate the effort that has gone into making and marketing VPT. I licensed VPT today specifically out of respect for the deck-builder compromise in 0.9.1, but also in response to recent bug-fixes (and the overall quality of VPT compared to its peers). Thank you. Keep up the goodness!
  • Hey i am unable to download the updated software onto my computer. The software keeps giving me errors.
  • Are you trying both variants: Download (exe) Download (zip) ?
    Can you show me screenshot of errors?
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