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need help regarding VPT

Is this a free software cuz it looks quite nice?
My friends and I have a game and have made PNG format card images. I would like to play that game using VPT with my friends because its more fun playing on a virtual tabletop. So how can I use those card images to play our game on VPT?
If possible please also tell me how to do so on Magic Workstation and how to prevent the 30 card limit?

Thank you.


  • edited July 2014
    Gohar, it is possible, but currently I don't have any instructions how to do it by yourself.
    Send me your images and texts, I will prepare module files for you.
  • Thanks a lot Detonator.
  • I have emailed all the pictures (8 emails because the pictures didn't fit in one). Hope you can make the files soon. Thank you :)
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