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Virtual Playtable 0.9.0 released

edited July 2014
Virtual Playtable 0.9.0 released

changes from 0.8.6
- Added "Magic 2015", "Conspiracy" card sets
- Changed tokens and emblem image name search
- Added feature to create Emblem in play
- Fixed crash when sideboarding in play
- Search text now use both printed and oracle texts
- Added database limitations in deck editor for unregistered version


  • edited July 2014
    Database limitations implemented only in deck builder (sets filter), if you want search all possible cards and build deck by yourself - it is possible in registered version only.

    If you want only to play online, go
    Choose deck and save it as "Save MWS/.dec", then you can load it in Virtual Playtable and play for free. You can load and play decks with any cards available, any format.
  • Database limitation...seriously? I guess MWS is coming back...
  • Aeon666, I'm trying to develop very usefull tool for MTG players. For active players, who like search database for interesting variants, build and test decks before buy them. Who can spent some money to support my product.
    If all you want is free online play, you can use Cocatrice. My goal is not freeplay software like Cocatrice, but tool for players better than Magic Workstation or Decked Builder.
  • I understand the limitation, this is not a free to play game. But It will be easier to sell for you if you lower the price, for example, to 15 USD.

    To be honest, i havent bought the game yet, but i would do it for 15 USD.

    Thanks for your time and your AMAZING work.
  • edited July 2014
    I have already lowered price to $19.95 until 1.0 release.
  • Just wondering what exactly gets limited in this update.. like am I not able to access all cards?

    - is there any reason for me to update then, if I can use older version with no limits?
  • edited July 2014
    > - is there any reason for me to update then, if I can use older version with no limits?

    You can use old version for deckbuilding, but new database updates and online play features on server will be incompatible with old versions.
  • In part because I am already a faithful VPT user, and in part because I want to fund VPT so that it can become cheaper, I bought VPT and I am satisfied.
  • When you release 1.0, I have to register my product again?
  • Registration will be valid for 1.0 and all future minor releases, bug-fixes and database updates (1.x)
  • registration will become *invalid* when it goes to version 2.x?
  • edited July 2014
    > registration will become *invalid* when it goes to version 2.x?

    You license always still be valid for the lastest available 1.x version.
    When 2.0 will be released (not earlier than in 18-24 months after 1.0) you can upgrade from your 1.x license for small upgrade cost.
  • edited July 2014
    Hi Det! Even if your main target is deckbuilders (who play in real life) rather than online players, I think you should be careful about the limitations.. forcing too many limitations in deckbuilding/online playing would naturally lead to less "free" people playing online, and this will decrease also the amount of players who would have been interested into buying your software, but who did not just because of a lack of opponents.

    To sum it up: less "free" players means less people interested into buying your software to play online. The lack of a online playing community may make the whole online playing module almost useless, despite its quality, just because there will be nobody (or almost nobody) to play with!
  • Yes, statistic and analysis will be implemented soon.
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