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Unofficial Update Thread

For those that can't wait for the M15 update here are my update files.

Make a copy of mtg.jar, (rename it like mtg_M15.jar). Open the file in your favorite zip program like 7zip, and drag the new files in.

When you load VPT, change the module at the home screen.

If anyone wants to make this simpler go ahead.


  • Darn, I guess post editing is disabled.

    So I split M15 into two sets, since you can't get the cards after Collector Number 269 in a booster pack.
  • I do not follow your instructions on how to use this replacement module. Could you give more detailed step-by-step instructions. Also, could you add Conspiracy to this module, as well?
  • What part specifically do you not understand? I'm not sure how best to break it down otherwise. The "mtg.jar" file is pretty much a zip file that holds all the module data VPT uses. The simple explanation is you need extract my data files and add them to the "mtg.jar" archive. This will depend on how you add data to your .zip program. I was trying to say it's better to make a new module as a backup instead of replacing the original.

    (I will note that the ".jar" will probably not be registered to load in your archive program.)
  • Thanks for doing this. See you ingame!
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