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Can't connect to host

edited April 2014
I've seen that some other people have the same problem, so here we go. Earlier today I downloaded the game, the MTG module and installed both. Don't know how, but I have the card images without downloading the 3Gb torrent. Anyway, i built a deck and then went to play some matches online. I played one perfectly, but when I was playing the second, the match stopped and I disconnected. Since then, I can't connect to the server. My version is the free one. Can the autor or anyone help me on this matter? Thank you. (Sorry for the strange/bad English :P)


  • It happens. I found it cannot connect to host often, and sometimes this situation lasts long.
  • I have restarted server.
  • > Don't know how, but I have the card images without downloading the 3Gb torrent

    Images are automatically downloaded from internet for each card you select in grid.
  • Oh, ok. Thank you both ^^
  • still having problems connecting . is any one else having problems?
  • yeah, havent been able to connect since wednesday
  • Server is working at this moment without problems
  • Still cannot connect to server. I wonder if there's a limit number of players in the meantime that causes the miss.
  • i too can't conncet
  • The problem for me was i had version 0.8.6 of the magic module, but not 0.8.6 version of the playtable software itself. Make sure you have the same versions downloaded and installed.
  • Nevermind I can't connect to the host anymore...
  • yeah i cant connect...
  • I cannot connect to the server
  • I meant that I cannot connect to the host
  • to all: check if you use both VPT 0.8.6 and mtg module 0.8.6
    if you use mtg module 0.8.6 but VPT 0.85 - it may be reason of connection problems.
    See on start dialog
    both versions should be 0.8.6
  • I have both mtg module 0.8.6 and VPT 0.8.6 and I cannot connect to the host.
  • Can i set a personal host for me and my friend? just for us?
  • Because service is not very stable in my country ~~~~~~~ and disconnecting disconnecting disconnecting disconnecting. i really want know could i have a person to person host. thank you ~
  • you can run VPT server with option
    Playtable.exe -server
    (you should configure your router if your comp behind router)

    next anyone can connect to this host by IP address
    for example
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