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Virtual Playtable 0.8.6 released

edited April 2014
Virtual Playtable 0.8.6 released

changes from 0.8.5
- Added "Journey into Nyx" card set
- Added filtering for converted mana cost, power and toughness
- Changed mana cost color filtering to tri-state checkbox (include,partially,exclude)
- Added card rendering mode without flavor/reminder texts
- Fixed bug with rarity filtering
- Fixed bug with foil card images search
- Fixed bug after sideboardig in play
- Fixed bug with facedown card after Switch Controller
- Fixed bug with counters in play (I hope, please report if still)


  • @Bussoli: I didn't fix open dialog crash for Windows XP in this version (are you use Windows XP 32-bit or 64-bit?). I waiting for new Qt5.3 framework version (will be released in May), I hope they fix this bug in it.
  • Thanks for doing this and sharing this!
  • Great update, and earlier than usually at that (I think I remember you releasing updates approximately a week after a set release - this is much better!)

    I like the new card filter options, especially the three-step color selection you added - awesomely helpful! Of course, again, thanks for the card rendering, that is quite amazing! :)
  • Thanks @Detonator.

    I will work on the new tokens this week. When I finish, I will send an inbox message to you.
  • The server is not working @detonator :(, i cant connect to host
  • I can't see the cards images. I think the problem is the outdated "mtg.jar" file that I'm using. Could someone put a link for me to download the latest version?

    I can't find the Journey into Nyx images pack too.

  • pimet800, download and install "MTG module 0.8.6 (Setup)" from
  • > I can't find the Journey into Nyx images pack too. into
    but you don't need to install it manually, they are automatically showed from internet.
  • I had to uninstall the software and intall it all over again.
    Now everything is fine. Thanks for the Journey into Nyx download link.

    The only thing that is not ok is the edition symbol. But that is not so important.

    Thank you very much, Detonator. Everything you've done until now is great!
  • hello, I would like to report that upon searching and placing your mouse over "true believer" 2 w mana 2/2 cleric gives u shroud, that virtual playtable will crash, there may be others but this one has been confirmed on 6 computers
  • When I click on "Filter", appears this message:
    JNI: Exception
    JNI: in thread "main"
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: vpt.widgets.CheckBox.setToolTip(Ljava/lang/String;)V
    at mtg.dialogs.FilterDialog.(
    at mtg.Module.showCardFilterDialog(
    Then I can choose Breake or Continue. If I choose Continue, VPT still works but I can't open "Filter".
  • edited May 2014
    @Mens, check if you use both VPT 0.86 and mtg module 0.86

    This bug possible if you use mtg module 0.86 but VPT 0.85 (and may be connections problem too)
  • thanks detonator that solved my problems
  • @Detonator I have this Issue on windows: it does not display card images and/or mana costs and/or the turn step images... I attach screenshots



  • Sorry, I posted on wrong topic
  • New version of VPT with Magic 2015 will be in about two weeks.
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