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Help please, trouble with card images

edited April 2014
If I turn off "download images from internet" I can't get Virtual Playtable to recognize my stored images!

There are several reasons this is a problem for me, one of which being that I want to use custom card images. I've tried unzipping directories, I've tried changing the 'ENG' folder to 'EN', I've tried removing the .full extension on an image, nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • edited April 2014
    Step by step what comes to mind (using 0.8.5):
    • check that in VPT options, you have set the correct folder for card images
    • I'm not entirely sure about folder naming conventions, or whether zip files are accepted, but I name folders with spelled-out names (i.e. "Born of the Gods" instead of "BNG"), which works.
      Inside these, there's language folders named "en" (where "ENG" works as well)
    • Individual card images need to be strictly named after the card, so if you take Acolyte's Reward from BNG, you can't ommit the ' from the name. I've also had certain other apostrophes mess up inside VPT, so don't use ` or ´. Also don't use underscores for spaces, or anything of the like.

    • Cards need to be named in the pattern "name.full.jpg" for fulls. For Acolyte's Reward, that would be "Acolyte's Reward.full.jpg"

    • Certain individual cards need certain naming, such as "*.back.jpg" for transform cards.

    • If all else fails, you could download the image torrent from and look up the way it's done in there.
    When renaming cards and then checking back in VPT, keep in mind that the preview image won't be updated on runtime, whereas if you click-and-hold over the image, it will load it anew every time. When you got your naming correctly, restart VPT and your preview should update as well.

    In case you have underscores instead of spaces, here's a batch file I put together to fix that. Make sure you run this from inside the editions' folder (as in, put it in /Born of the Gods/en/, for example):
    @echo off
    setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    for %%a in (*_*) do (
      set file=%%a
      ren "!file!" "!file:_= !"
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