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I updated to 0.8.5 and the online play stopped working!

edited April 2014
hello, I love this program and use it everyday :)
but, when i upgraded to 0.8.5 - the online play stopped working!

when i enter a game, pick a deck and press start - i don't get any cards...
the chat doesn't work - i can type words but when i press "enter" they do not sent to the chat...
and - when i press with my mouse on one of the middle button (draw a card dor example) - there is an error!
the program crashes, and i need to hit the "break" button...

i tried uninstall and reinstall, and also witch decks - no good
installed the modoule again - no good
even without a deck - it still does the same thing

can someone please help me?
tnx :)
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