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Replacing Card Images and flavor text.

edited March 2014
I'd like to replace the images and flavor text on certain cards. What's the best way to go about this?

If I could for example change the Odyssey version of Sadistic Hypnotist's image and flavor text, that would be fantastic. Does anyone have any advice? I've messed around with several files already, and I can't seem to get anywhere.


  • edited March 2014
    To be clear, I don't care what is displayed within the deck editer's oracle text or anything like that, only what I see during online play.
  • As for images, you will have to put your own images i some directory and link VPT there.

    Now with text, I suppose you could go two ways about this: Edit the mtg.jar (which is installed with the module installer), changing what Virtual Playtable will render; or edit the card images and use full-view images when playing (the only way to do this so far seems to be to switch to full-view within the deck editor, and then start Online Play).
    The first will obviously get overwritten with every update, as well as could interfere with online play (I'm not sure how VPT handles things internally, but if databases differ, that's never a good thing). Images have the benefit of being local, will survive updates as well as being easier manageable on file level. It will likely take more work, though, as well as rather fickle to set in the program, as you can't switch between errated and full image within play mode at this point.
  • Thanks that's helpful.

    One thing I've tried is simply going into /documents/Virtual Playtable\Magic\images, going into the appropriate zip and replacing the image.

    This doesn't seem to work at all. I ask it to check images again, among other things including deleting VP entirely and redownloading except for modified image archives.
  • What I can imagine is that if you have downloading images enabled, it overwrites the local images. Not that that would make much sense, but maybe you want to permanently try to disable downloading images to check.

    I can tell you that it does work for me, though (I don't store them in ZIP files, but that shouldn't matter).
    Modified images are recognized if you restart the program, or click on the image for a detail view (the detail view seems to be updated at runtime, whereas the preview migt be cached at application start).
    Of course, if you have image downloading enabled, you would never notice when a local folder is named incorrectly, for example. I think one of the more recent versions changed the language extension from 'ENG' to 'EN', for example, however it recognized both when I tested it really quick...
  • Ok thanks a lot I'll do more testing, I appreciate the help quite a bit
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