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Placeholder Cards

edited March 2014
Seeing as new sets will always be released prior to a database update, I would like to see a feature where you could add a placeholder card to your deck. That placeholder would have a name and a description, with the name obviously showing up in the deck list/sideboard, and the description instead of the card's image.

This should be especially interesting for people like me who closely follow card spoiler pages and see what cards will be in upcoming sets, but also a nice solution for the time inbetween a set (pre)release and the module update, I think.


  • edited March 2014
    I have plans for feature to create/load custom sets in near future, it will solve problem with new sets.
  • That would be fantastic, the option for custom sets that is. The ability to use cards made on would be really nice.

    In particular, it would be nice to be able to use our own custom art on existing cards!
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