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First Impressions

edited March 2014
Easier to use than MWS. (Good for the novice)
Auto Card images (Awesome for the novice)
Familiar (similar to old interface)
Streamlined (Looks cleaner)

The two features, that I think makes the 'alternatives' more attractive... More than the old, and more than the new...

Pan/Zoom table top...
2+ players


  • I agree... with both of these..

    played with a first time user and she was wondering why all the green and why the cards were so small..

    And then she got annoyed that we couldn't play all 3/4 of us together like we do at the table...

    Oh well... Here is hoping! :-)
  • Well even if there isn't any form of a dynamic zoom, some generic scaling should be present. I went into the "old" version and tweaked the theme, however all it did was make the images inside the space smaller, and the cards were still rendered at a specific size.
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