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Virtual Playtable 0.8.4 (release candidate 4) with "Born of the Gods"

edited March 2014
Virtual Playtable 0.8.4 (release candidate 4)
(it is portable version, unzip in any folder and run, you don't need to replace these files in installed Virtual Playtable location)

MTG Images pack (up to "Born of the Gods") - images will work with 0.8.4 only !!! (not with 0.8.3) (3GB) Use programs like uTorrent to download.
Put images manually into "[VPT084 folder]\mtg\Images\" folder (or set other path in options).
Final path should be like "[VPT084 folder]\mtg\Images\Magic" and etc. (don't unzip files)

Please test this version, if no big problems will found I will public it on main site.

(release candidate 4)
* Fixed bug with pwr/tgh/loyalty missing in play
* Added card sorting by name and cost in database and deck (see context menu for grid)
* Added autoplacement cards on battlefield in play (will be improved later for different windows sizes/screen resolutions)
* Changed planeswalker card type icon
* Fixed images autodownload from internet (was broken in rc3)
* Added "sacrifice" command (Ctrl+Del)

(release candidate 3)
* Added possibility to put cards facedown to battlefield and exile zone (Shift + mouse drag or via context menu)
* Fixed card revealed state when put card to hand from battlefield
* Fixed token border color
* Updated set icons, token images and preconstructed deck list (thank's to Bussoli and Spheniscine)
* Fixed Deck/Sideboard window height to allow use on 1024x600 screen resolution
* lang/set folders renamed in Images pack to be compatible with 0.8.4 changes

(release candidate 2)
* Fixed set names to be compatible with old images
* Added missed images for Duel Decks sets, Modern Master, Promo cards
* Fixed +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters and reset counters when card moved from battlefield
* Fixed authentification bug (account/password checking now disabled, will be reimplemented later)

(release candidate 1)
* Database updated up to Born of the Gods, Commander 2014 and etc
* Images for Born of the Gods and Commander 2014 added (autodowloaded and showed from internet)
* Changed languages id ("EN","DE"... instead of old "ENG","GER"), to be compatible with WotC's lang ids.
* (internal change) changed color and type codes in XML files with cards
* Fixed bug with crash when Sideboarding between games
* Added Alt+Click on card in play works like DblClick
* Added Ctrl/Alt/Shift + (-/=) to change P/T in play: Ctrl - change Pwr, Alt - change Tgh (+Shift - change until End of turn)
* Added Ctrl + [ / ] - add/remove red counter, Ctrl+Shift + [ / ] - add/remove blue counter, Ctrl+Alt+Shift + [ / ] - add/remove green counter
* Added Alt + [ / ] - add/remove +1/+1 (or -1/-1) counter
* Added Ctrl/Alt/Shift + ... - works for multiple cards (you can select group by Shift+Click on cards or mouse drag on play area)
* Added Shuffle Graveyard, Show Sideboard, Roll a X-sided die, move cards to library in random order
* Fixed bugs with +1/+1 counters, reveal/hide cards, tap/untap after controller changed
* Some more minor changes and bug fixes


  • If you have empty cardlist after run, check language checkboxes in Sets dialog.
  • Woow! Detonator is back with a Virtual Playtable update!
  • edited February 2014
    Some bugs:

    Tokens without colors;
    Counters dont desapear when a card is out of battlefield;
    When you put a +1/+1 counter, you cant remove that counter;

    And too much images cards is missing now. Look this .txt file for more details: cards.txt
  • Bugs maybe:

    "can't connect to authentication server" when the program is started and I could not login or creature an account.
  • yes, this is bug. Will public 0.8.4rc2 today later.
  • edited February 2014
    I think I found the problem with the missing card images and rarity emblems: The name of Edition are diferent in the .xml file and the other files, for exemple:

    In database\sets, the file that contains the Alpha information calls "Alpha" but the image file and rarity emblems calls "Alpha Edition" and because of this, the images dont appears.

    \textures\sets\Alpha Edition.x.png
    My Documents\...\Images\Alpha

    This is repeated in other editions like Beta, Modern Masters, Ravnica - City of Guilds, Commander, etc =/
  • Ok, I will rename them back to "Alpha Edition"and etc.
  • Thanks, Detonator! Awesome work, you and everyone who contributes to the project and the community. Thanks for all of it!
  • Same bug "can't connect to authentication server" D:
  • am not able to create an account when will this be out for public use ?
  • "Fixed bugs with +1/+1 counters"
    Not here, the bug persists (but no -1/-1 counter if it goes to the graveyard *badumtiss*)
  • i can't connect or host online game, here is what ive found on the log:

    Warning: Problem creating accessible interface for: ConnectDialog(0x34f500, name = "ConnectDialog")
    Make sure to deploy Qt with accessibility plugins.
    Warning: QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_buttonCreateAccount_clicked()
  • Same problem of ironkovasc
  • Hi,

    Detonator, is to much complicated to implement a sort by cost on cards? ^^

    Thanks for the updates!
  • > Detonator, is to much complicated to implement a sort by cost on cards? ^^

    It's not complicated, but need time to implement, will try to do it in 0.8.4rc3
  • 0.8.4rc2 released, see link in first post.
  • "* Added missed images for Duel Decks sets, Modern Master, Promo cards"

    Where can we download the .zip files for these sets?
  • edited February 2014
    Still missing an option to play correctly with cards that contains "Hideaway" ability, like Shelldock Isle.

    The option to "move card to battlefield faced down" or "exile faced down" must appear when us are "looking top X cards of Library".

    The Tokens still continue to appear colorless on battlefield. Same bug of release 1.
  • edited February 2014
    Hi again,

    Please Detonator, use this mtg.jar file to make the news changes and updates:


    -> I changed the names of files to show correctly in the VPT:
    "\mtg.jar\textures\sets\Duel Decks - Phyrexia vs Coalition.X.png" to "\mtg.jar\textures\sets\Duel Decks - Phyrexia vs The Coalition.X.png";

    -> I added this missing rarity emblems files (all in HD):
    \textures\sets\Born of the Gods.X.png
    \textures\sets\Commander 2013 Edition.X.png
    \textures\sets\Commander's Arsenal.X.png
    \textures\sets\Dragon's maze.X.png
    \textures\sets\Duel Decks - Heroes vs Monsters.X.png
    \textures\sets\Duel Decks - Izzet vs Golgari.X.png
    \textures\sets\Duel Decks - Sorin vs Tibalt.X.png
    \textures\sets\From the Vault - Realms.M.png
    \textures\sets\From the Vault - Twenty.M.png
    \textures\sets\Magic 2014.X.png
    \textures\sets\Modern Masters.X.png
    \textures\sets\Premium Deck Series - Graveborn.X.png

    -> I edited and added these rarity emblems to show correctly (all in HD, except "Magic 2011"):
    \textures\sets\Magic 2010.X.png
    \textures\sets\Magic 2011.X.png
    \textures\sets\Magic 2012.X.png
    \textures\sets\Magic 2013.X.png

    *Where "X" means "C, U, R and M"

    <---> Still needing fix the file "Revised Edition (Summer Magic).en.xml" because the "Revised Edition" still appearing without Rariry Emblems and Card Images. Or put "Revided Edition" as main edition instead "Summer Magic" as it is now.


    -> New tokens of "Born of the Gods" added to mtg.jar.

    -> All tokens from older edition like "Theros","Magic 2014", and "Return to Ravnica Block" were changed to new HD images files.

    -> Some few older tokens were changed to better resolutions images files too.


    -> Please, include the Spheniscine's update file to your new update. There are more than 480 preconstructed/starter/event decks in his file. An excelent update to all of us.

    Spheniscine's update file link:


    -> This images cards below still "missing":

    Return to Ravnica/EN/Forest [5] (Foil).full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Forest [5].full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Island [5] (Foil).full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Island [5].full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Mountain [5] (Foil).full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Mountain [5].full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Plains [5] (Foil).full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Plains [5].full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Swamp [5] (Foil).full.jpg
    Return to Ravnica/EN/Swamp [5].full.jpg
    Theros/EN/Karametra's Acolyte [Holiday Gift Box] (Foil).full.jpg
  • edited February 2014
    > Where can we download the .zip files for these sets?
    It's works for autodownload card image from internet only.

    I will prepare torrent file with all cards images later.
    I didn't finish with them yet.

    > Please Detonator, use this mtg.jar file to make the news changes and updates:
  • Hey there i have the release candidate 2 now but the server is still not letting me log in:(
    will i be stuck on 0.8.3 forever now?
  • edited February 2014
    Server for 0.8.4rc2 works for me, after press login I see dialog (with no players currently)
    0.8.3 and 0.8.4 use different servers because of internal changes and incompatibility.
    Soon I fix all bugs in 0.8.4, release it on main site and send notification to all users to update
  • Bug:

    When you put a card from battlefield to hand, it becomes face down.
  • Detonator? :)
  • not ready yet, couple days more.
    Had no free time last week.
  • Another thing: before this update, creatures and planeswalkers come in play with def/attack/loyalty already chosen, and now this doesn't happen anymore.
  • I have a problem with playing VPT on my Laptop: Deck/Sideboard window, which appears before the game or between matches, not fits the screen of my laptop (resolution 1024x600), and i can't change the size of this window. That's why i can't confirm my deck and begin playing. Can this bug be fixed or are there any other ways to solve this problem?
  • > Can this bug be fixed or are there any other ways to solve this problem?

    Ok, I will fix it.
  • edited February 2014
    Virtual Playtable 0.8.4 (release candidate 3) available
    Also MTG Images pack updated up to "Born of the Gods" (Some promo cards and old sets images still missing)

    See first post for links and changes history.
  • Thanks for the updates, but dont forget the order cards by mana cost if possible ^^
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