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Suggestions of more filters

edited February 2014

I really love the Virtual Playtable, and find it really easy to use!

But there is one (or two) things that I miss when I compare to the Decked Builder app (that I used earlier).

That is the ability to limit searches so Converted mana cost ( say I want all instants that cost 2 mana from red, thats really easy in Decked builder, but I can't find any way of doing it in VPT).

The other thing would be an option at the color filter to have ONLY those colors. So that if I want to search for a Commander which is red/blue I can get those that are red/blue/black and so on. And if I click ONLY then I get those that are only Red/blue.

One other thing I would really love to see is a way to sort the cards by cost (both in game and perhaps RL money aswell). Would be helpful when looking for different options!

Thanks for a great program!



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